Does my machine need to be connected to a water supply ?

Generally a potable water supply connected to the machine is the preferred option, simply because it reduces the need to constantly refill the water tank by hand. There is equipment for lower volume consumption where the machine can be hand filled and in slightly larger locations we can fit an external 20ltr water bottle with a pump connecting it to the machine. We can always come and survey the location and provide our expert advice.

Do I have to Purchase the equipment ?

Seymour Valentine can offer a wide range of solutions to provide equipment and services to you. These range from Leasing or rental of equipment to commercial contracts where we would work in a partnership to recover all the costs through the machine generating an income to support us both. Contact to find out how.

What happens if my machine breaks down ?

Seymour Valentine will manage your service through their state of the art vending management software. Once you contact the Help desk our operational team will ensure your equipment is services and repaired with the minimum of delay.