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Keurig®: When Only The Best Will Do…

Case Study: Delegate Coffee Service, The Quebec Government Office in London, 59 Pall Mall


You could hardly imagine a more historic locale.

Pall Mall, London; across the road from our destination is St. James’s Palace. The palace – London’s oldest – was commissioned by Henry VIII on the site of a former leper hospital dedicated to St. James the Less, from which the palace and its nearby park take their names.

Oath of allegiance? Bob Norton, not tired, but flagging!

Oath of allegiance? Bob Norton, not tired, but flagging!

St. James’s Palace was constructed between 1531 and 1536. Two of Henry VIII’s children died here; Elizabeth I was said to have spent the night here while waiting for the Spanish Armada to sail up the channel. Charles I slept rather less soundly— here was his final resting place prior to his execution… Oliver Cromwell then took over the palace and turned it into barracks, before Charles II reclaimed the site and then laid out St James’s Park.

And yet, amidst this quintessentially British scene, a foreign flag flies. You may not recognise it: this is the flag of the predominantly French speaking Canadian province of Quebec and it flutters proudly above its London ‘embassy’.

As the second largest province of Canada by area, and its most populous, the question of independence for Quebec has been raised repeatedly. Indeed, Parti Québécois held referendums in 1980 and again in 1995. Each time, the electorate voted against independence, on the latter occasion by a very, very narrow margin. In 2006, the House of Commons Of Canada passed a symbolic motion recognising the Québécois as a nation within a united Canada.DSC_1833-300x198

Be that as it may: what’s for sure is that visiting businessmen from Quebec avail themselves of the embassy’s facilities to conduct meeting with British customers. Here’s where they come, quite literally, to fly the flag.

Our first encounter with the Quebec Embassy was as delegates at a training session hosted by the people from Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.. We got talking, as you do, with Isobel, whose job is to coordinate meetings, many of which accommodate up to 50 people. Even as we enjoyed a freshly-brewed coffee from a K-Cup® pack, Isobel told us that providing hot drinks for visitors was something of a problem.

Do you want sugar with your Earl Grey?

Do you want sugar with your Earl Grey?

One thing led to another and soon we’d agreed that we would provide a coffee service to the embassy whenever it was needed, be it for half a dozen people or for a full house. That’s why we’re back today. We’ll use Keurig® system and K-Cup® packs. We’ve brought all the required equipment with us, we’ll provide the service and then leave, taking all our brewing paraphernalia with us..

As that annoying TV meerkat would doubtless say: ‘Simples!’

Frankly, that’s the beauty of the Keurig® system. The K140 brewer – the machine currently available for a free workplace trial, incidentally – is lightweight, it doesn’t need to be plumbed in. It’s compact, it’s smart and most important of all, it brews beverages of the highest quality.

With Keurig®, a coffee service is a delight to deliver and, what’s more, it’s a great opportunity for us to encourage people to experience Keurig® ‘hands on’. However, for the Québécois themselves, it’s a poignant reminder of home, where Keurig® systems are virtually ubiquitous.

Needless to say, in an Embassy, the credentials of a nation are at stake, every time a visitor crosses the threshold. Poor quality refreshments aren’t an option; but with Keurig®, we’ve proved that providing the best beverage experience needn’t involve expensive machines, expensive expertise or even a dedicated space.

Fill it up, plug it in, away you go; hassle free, idiot proof, quality guaranteed. That’s the Keurig® system in a nutshell. Not for nothing do they say ‘real coffee, real choice, real easy’.

Don’t delay: sign up now, using our Contact page, for your ‘Free Trial’ and find out for yourself just what all the Keurig fuss is about. You’ll be pleased that you did…


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