Seymour Valentine

Hotelympia: Guess Who Came For Coffee?

We’ve gone on and on about how good the coffee in your K-Cup® pack is, so forgive us while we go on and on about it just a little bit more.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a celebrity chef and you’re at Hotelympia.

Here’s a thought to get you started: There’s not an MD manning his trade stand that wouldn’t give his eye-teeth to talk to you, to have you sample his wares. If, say, you fancied a coffee early doors, before the rush, there’s every brand, brewer, roaster and retailer in the known universe ready to welcome you like the returning hero and ply you with anything you fancy…

That’s why we’re rather pleased to inform you that none other than James Tanner, (that’s him in the picture), chose to kick-start his day with a Keurig® brewed K-Cup® pack on the Seymour Valentine stand. With us.

Not a bad advert for Keurig®‘s great-tasting coffee. We can see it now: ‘Coffee For A Tanner’. That should shift some product! (If you’re of a certain age! Ed.)

So that was nice.

(By the way, take a look at the web site for James’ ‘Tanner’s‘ restaurant in Plymouth. It looks like an absolutely amazing place).


Bob explains how the system works as a customer takes a taste test.

Whichever way you look at it, our first Hotelympia turned out to be a hectic experience. The show was busy, busy busy and we had a rookie in our team on the stand, to boot. (Not literally, of course).

Thea took to it like the proverbial duck to water, (you can read about our newest recruit here) so thankfully no worries at all on that score. The deluge of visitors on the stand was another matter!


The calm before the storm!

Bob Norton seemed pleased with the way things had gone. ‘We’ll potentially do it again because it’s just the right marketplace for Keurig®‘, he said. ‘We drew the crowds with our ‘free trial’ offer and a high proportion of those trials have been converted into contracts, so we can definitely chalk it up as a ‘success’.’




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