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Seymour Valentine Hosts ‘The Future of Coffee In the Capital’

‘The Future of Coffee In the Capital’: that’s what we called our symposium at Zebrano’s in the City.

The objective of the event was to showcase the options available to improve the refreshment experience of London workers. Visitors were promised insider information on innovations in sustainability and recycling solutions and – not least – how technical breakthroughs in terms of taste and quality have improved both vended and OOH coffee offers.

After a day of presentations, and opportunities to talk to leading coffee machine manufacturers, sustainable packaging innovators and recycling gurus, those who braved the journey to Houndsditch were pleased they did.

We invited Planet Vending to attend so MD Yvonne Reynolds-Young joined us on the day and we’re delighted to publish her report on the event.

‘Walking into Zebrano’s at about lunchtime, there was a really convivial buzz about the place’, Yvonne said. ‘The early arrivals were in the middle of the first session of presentations and suppliers were swapping stories over coffee.

‘The first person I bumped into was Westomatic MD Richard Brinsley. As anybody who knows him will tell you, he never needs a second invitation to show off the latest Westo innovations! He was championing vending machines that enable customers to fill their own reusable bottles and cups.

‘’Everyone wants to rid the world of plastic cups, so we’ve just tweaked our machines to allow easy recycling and to make it easier for customers to use their own multi-use bottles and cups’, he said. He got no argument from me on that score…

‘Each manufacturer I spoke to had taken on board that we, the consumer, want to do the right thing and cut down the use of single use products such as plastic and paper cups. Westomatic’s ideas were as refreshing as a freshly-brewed espresso; including siting recycling systems next to banks of drinks and snacks machines; water machines that offer a choice of chilled, flavoured or just filtered plain water and have a separate rinse facility, so reusable cups or bottles can be filled safely – all good stuff.
‘Coffetek and Crane, with SV365 Technologies, were all represented’, Yvonne said. ‘I was most impressed with Bert Wallace’s demonstration of the SV365 unattended retail machine, where you could take out products to examine them, change your mind, put them back and pick something else, What’s more, the cashless payment solution scrutinised each step!
‘Other suppliers such as Mr Lees Noodles had their innovative, tasty and decidedly up-market version of pot noodles on show! Award winners, their Kiosks make sure that healthy, tastier food is available 24/7.’

See more here.

‘There were also smoothies to sample from Froosh’, Yvonne said. ‘The Swedish company’s sustainability credentials are outweighed only by the quality of their products. They are 100% fruit only an they come in 250ml glass bottles. They also have a delicious Shorty that comes in an ingeious 150ml paper can.’

Check them out here.

‘After refreshments served courtesy of Zebrano’s, it was time for another session of presentations’, Yvonne said. ‘First up was Seymour Valentine’s Bob Norton. He welcomed a ‘standing room only’ audience, watched by MD Cevat Riza. Then we heard from Wise Group MD, Graham Kingaby. He gave an overview of the benefits of selecting a Wise Group member as a vending partner, getting a laugh when he confessed that WISE was nothing to do with intellectual capacity, but stood for Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. He emphasised that all members are owner managed and they’re all committed to supporting each other, thereby providing a truly national service.

‘Graham introduced the new AVA (Automatic Vending Association) CEO, David Llewellyn. The AVA is the governing body of UK vending. All vending operators are encouraged to join the AVA, because membership indicates to potential clients that they can expect a standard of service. He also explained that membership depends upon maintaining strict, annually audited operating standards.

‘Following David was a presentation by David Goodwin from Simply Cups. Their objective is to promote the recycling of cups. David ran through the current process and celebrated increasing uptake of the scheme in the last twelve months.’

Check out their website here for more information. There’s also an opportunity for you to sign up to the scheme.

‘Maintaining the sustainable, recycling theme, the next impressive presenter was Julia Porter from Bio-Bean, the company that turns used coffee grounds into fuel’, Yvonne said. ‘Did you know that you can now buy Coffee Logs that can be burned in any fireplace or wood burner? Me neither! Smaller biomass pellets are produced in volume for heating larger buildings. Next on their agenda is the production of biofuel and biochemicals.’

You can read more about the amazing work Bio Bean are doing here.

‘Last but definitely not least’, Yvonne said, ‘was the amazing Katie Jonzen. She made a presentation about Vegware, based in Edinburgh. The company started ten years ago, after the founder was handed a fork made from potatoes. It was a light bulb moment, and now this award-winning, innovative business is thriving, with a presence in many of the major countries of the world. Their target market, with a goal to provide food packaging and cutlery, is the Food Service and Vending industries. They’ve recently launched their Close The Loop project, which makes it possible to compost all Vegware products. It’s is currently being rolled out across the UK and it’s a real eye-opener.

‘All in all there was a series of welcome messages from this valuable symposium and I suspect that what was demonstrated to us and is just a drop in the ocean. The industry has listened to experts on global warming, plastic pollution, paper cup explosions and waste management. Snacks are tastier, fresher, healthier and contain fewer ‘nasties’.

‘As an industry, we have had to listen, we had to do better, the technology is there, we are now seeing the desire by consumers to embrace it.’

We at Seymour Valentine gratefully acknowledge the suppliers who contributed to what was, in the end, a very long day. We also want to thank all the guests who had accepted the invitation to participate.

We guarantee that each and every visitor took away new knowledge and fresh ideas to introduce to the work place.

Seymour Valentine To Host ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’ Symposium

“Seymour Valentine’s event of the year The Future of Coffee in the Capital, is in the news. Our thanks to Ian Reynolds-Young and Planet Vending

Seymour Valentine, the City of London’s leading supplier of vending and OCS services, is hosting a symposium, ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’. The aim is to ensure that both existing and potential customers are up to speed with the developments and opportunities in the sector.

‘We’ll be concentrating on the four themes of Recycling; Quality; Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility’, Seymour Valentine MD Cevat Riza told PV. ‘In the world of coffee, OCS and vending leads the way in the mission to eliminate waste. At ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’, we’ll make sure our customers understand that Seymour Valentine and our supply partners are constantly developing new strategies to rise to one of today’s most important challenges. Thanks to our association with Bio Bean and Simply Cups, they can be certain that their consumption of single-use products is not adding to the problem…

‘In terms of quality, we’re always telling our customers that the coffee drinking experience that Seymour Valentine brings to the heart of the office is as good as anything to be found outside in the high street’ Cevat said, ‘but ‘telling’ is no substitute for ‘sampling’. At ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’, visitors will have a unique opportunity to sample coffee from commercial bean to cup brands to artisan producers including our own artisan blends of Bermondsey Barista Beans from SE16.

‘Coffee at work used to mean a big metal box in the corner and believe it or not, there are people out there that believe it still is! Our job at ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’ is to demonstrate just how far things have moved on recently. Cevat said. ‘We’ll demonstrate the new ways of paying for coffee at work and the exciting possibilities incumbent in state-of-the-art HD screens. We think customers will be
excited by the potential of showing promotional messages and commercials right at the point of purchase…’

Last, but certainly not least on the agenda at ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’ is Corporate Social Responsibility. ‘Nobody working in the city of London can be in any doubt whatsoever that homelessness and rough sleeping is a massive issue’, Cevat said. Thanks to our association with Change Please, customers will see that they can become a part of the solution. As the Change Please founder, Cemal Ezel, says, ‘If we can just get a small proportion of coffee drinkers to simply change where they buy their coffee, we could really change the world.’

The Future of Coffee In The Capital takes place at Zebrano City, 18 – 20 Houndsditch, EC3A 7DB, on Tuesday 1st May 2018. There will be three presentations during the day: breakfast, lunch and tea. Admittance is free, but it is by invitation only.

If you are responsible for the provision of vending and OCS at your place of work, you can register for a your inclusion on the invitation list by contacting the event organisers by e-mail on


Let’s Have A Catch Up Over A Coffee!


There’s probably more to Seymour Valentine than you thought…Click the picture to enlarge.

It’s easy in business to have the attitude, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and we know from our customers that, by and large, their vending and coffee service is running smoothly… But that’s not to say we can’t improve it! Read More

Up ‘The Junction’! It’s A Great Start To The Year

‘The Junction’, Bournemouth YMCA’s Health and Fitness Complex, has extended its vending contract with us for a further three years.

They say that you should start a new year just the same way you intend to carry it on, so we’re delighted that our first post of 2015 is about Seymour Valentine retaining a much-valued client.

We’ve extended our contract with ‘The Junction’, Bournemouth YMCA’s Health and Fitness Complex in Bournemouth, for three more years – meaning that we’ll be the incumbent supplier throughout an eagerly awaited period of refurbishment, which will herald a significant expansion of the venue’s vending operation.

‘With an investment going into the centre totalling over £400,000 we needed a supplier that would offer us a resource of support and professionalism. Seymour Valentine ticked all the boxes and on top of that, the company’s willingness to invest in improving both our vending services and our break-time areas put it firmly in place as our preferred supplier’, said Martin Stockley, Leisure, Health & Fitness Manager. ‘I’m delighted to be working with Seymour Valentine going into this major upgrade and beyond’, he said.


Martin Stockley

Bob, Nicola and the team will now begin to implement the exciting expansion plans. ‘We’re delighted that The Junction has decided to renew its vending contract with us, it’s the best possible way to ring in the New Year!’ Bob said. ‘We’re really pleased that we can continue to serve our client and its customers for the next three years and we’re looking forward to playing a significant role in the refurbishment program. Vending at The Junction has the potential to make an even greater contribution to the centre and that will be our goal as we take the service to the next level.’


In Tune With The Zeitgeist: Swagger & Jacks Chooses Keurig®…

When the Keurig® Brewing System first arrived in the UK, the majority of ‘early adopters’ were North American ex-pats, delighted to recapture ‘the true taste of home.’ However, us Brits are quick to recognise a good thing when we see it and these days, the style, the simplicity; the breadth of choice and the quality of Keurig® is making an indelible mark in British culture, both at home and at work.

Take Swagger & Jacks for example. Here’s a business that’s in tune with the zeitgeist, if ever there was one. You see, beards are back: male fashionistas are sporting facial hair once more and not just George Michael-style stubble, either: not since Victorian times have men spent so much time, effort (and hard cash) in growing, styling and grooming their beards and it’s upon this connection, with our ‘quintessentially British’ past, that Swagger & Jacks is building its business and its reputation.

‘We’ve recreated a traditional English barber’s shop’, said Swagger & Jacks Mark Young, ‘with the atmosphere of a gentleman’s club.’ It’s an atmosphere that is not solely the result of discerning shop fitting and design: on the contrary, it’s the company’s service, the way it cares for its customers, that affords Swagger & Jacks patrons some respite from the ill-mannered and impersonal demands of high-tempo contemporary living. It’s an oasis of indulgence in a desert of duty.


As such, the very idea of offering customers ‘a brew’ concocted of a spoonful of coffee granules or a tea bag is anathema at Swagger & Jacks.Mark-Young-S-and-J

‘It’s all about the quality of the experience’, Mark said. ‘In our original barber’s shop, we employed a full-time barista, which was great; but it was very labour intensive. We wanted to offer a product of similar quality that was far simpler to deliver.’

Swagger & Jacks began an exhaustive process of investigation; aimed at identifying the best possible hot drinks offer to add value to the customer experience. At the culmination of the process, one option stood head and shoulders above the rest: Keurig®.

‘The quality of the drinks is excellent’, Mark said, ‘and there are other advantages too: because the system uses K-Cup® packs, customers can choose from a wide selection of coffees and teas. Because of this, there is no wastage. The Keurig® brewer is simplicity itself to maintain and to keep clean. Likewise, it’s easy to keep the brewing area clean and tidy, too. What’s more, we enjoy a very high level of support from Seymour Valentine, the company that distributes the Keurig®system. The company understood immediately what we are trying to achieve and they worked hard to give us the solution we needed.’

‘We’re delighted that Swagger & Jacks have taken to the Keurig® system so enthusiastically’, said Seymour Valentine Director Bob Norton. ‘This is a company that is successful because it refuses to compromise where the quality of the customer experience is concerned, so their endorsement of Keurig® is an important feather in the brand’s cap.’SJ

Sadly, when it comes to trying-out the Swagger & Jacks experience, (and what man wouldn’t?) the odds are that most of our readers will be out of luck. It’s early days for the company: Swagger & Jacks Gentleman’s Grooming Barbershop is based in Norwich. Its flagship emporium is a blend of vintage men’s barbershop design, with a contemporary British style, which invites customers of all ages to enjoy relaxing and luxurious surroundings, with quality of service at the heart of the experience.

We provide the highest quality men’s haircuts, traditional cut throat shaves with hot towels, beard shaping and design, and hair colouring services specifically designed for today’s modern gentlemen’ Mark said. ‘The Team at Swagger & Jacks has a wealth of barbering experience and they’re all members of the British Barbers Association.’

The chances are that there won’t be a Swagger and Jacks opening near you any time soon. ‘We’ve looked at the possibility of franchising’ Mark said, ‘and although it might be a good way of growing the business, it’s more important to us to maintain our quality of service; so we prefer that people opening a new Swagger & Jacks barbershop have worked with us for some time and are immersed in the way we do things.’

Let’s be clear: when quality is paramount in your customer offer, be sure that you don’t neglect your beverage provision. If attention to detail is an intrinsic part of your business – as it is at Swagger & Jacks – remember the KISS! Rule: ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’, or you might say, ‘Keurig® Is Simple, Stupid.’

Hotelympia: Guess Who Came For Coffee?

We’ve gone on and on about how good the coffee in your K-Cup® pack is, so forgive us while we go on and on about it just a little bit more.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a celebrity chef and you’re at Hotelympia.

Here’s a thought to get you started: There’s not an MD manning his trade stand that wouldn’t give his eye-teeth to talk to you, to have you sample his wares. If, say, you fancied a coffee early doors, before the rush, there’s every brand, brewer, roaster and retailer in the known universe ready to welcome you like the returning hero and ply you with anything you fancy…

That’s why we’re rather pleased to inform you that none other than James Tanner, (that’s him in the picture), chose to kick-start his day with a Keurig® brewed K-Cup® pack on the Seymour Valentine stand. With us.

Not a bad advert for Keurig®‘s great-tasting coffee. We can see it now: ‘Coffee For A Tanner’. That should shift some product! (If you’re of a certain age! Ed.)

So that was nice.

(By the way, take a look at the web site for James’ ‘Tanner’s‘ restaurant in Plymouth. It looks like an absolutely amazing place).


Bob explains how the system works as a customer takes a taste test.

Whichever way you look at it, our first Hotelympia turned out to be a hectic experience. The show was busy, busy busy and we had a rookie in our team on the stand, to boot. (Not literally, of course).

Thea took to it like the proverbial duck to water, (you can read about our newest recruit here) so thankfully no worries at all on that score. The deluge of visitors on the stand was another matter!


The calm before the storm!

Bob Norton seemed pleased with the way things had gone. ‘We’ll potentially do it again because it’s just the right marketplace for Keurig®‘, he said. ‘We drew the crowds with our ‘free trial’ offer and a high proportion of those trials have been converted into contracts, so we can definitely chalk it up as a ‘success’.’




The Americans Amongst Us Are One Step Ahead!

When it comes to Keurig® systems, the North Americans amongst us seem to be one step ahead of the rest – and no wonder.

MG_0076-300x210You see, the Keurig® single cup brewing system was recognized as the “Brand of the Year” in the single serve coffee maker category in the 2014 Harris Poll EquiTrend® Equity Study. That meant that for the third consecutive year, the Keurig® system received the highest ranking in the coffee maker category based on consumers’ perceptions of familiarity, quality and purchase consideration.

‘Ten years ago, there were no Keurig® systems in homes. Just a decade later, we’ve begun to revolutionize the way consumers choose, brew and enjoy hot beverages at home,’ said John Whoriskey, President of US Sales and Marketing for Keurig Green Mountain Inc. . ‘An amazing thing happens when someone is introduced to a Keurig®; they fall in love with our system and almost immediately share that love with their family and friends. Our loyal, passionate fans are what make us the brand that we are today, and it’s because of them that we are truly honored to be recognized once again as the coffee maker Brand of the Year.’7417277946_9241b1443a_z

So it’s not surprising that, amongst the first businesses to embrace our Free Trial Offer, there’s an American connection…

‘It’s like having a little piece of home’, said one delighted executive from America’s eastern sea-board, whose job has brought her to the UK. She immediately installed two Keurig® systems in her apartment. ‘I was amazed when I arrived in England to discover you’d never heard of Keurig® because where I come from, it seems like everybody uses them.’


Nicola Baldwin Biggs

Nicola confirmed that, where there’s a US link, Keurig® has needed no introduction. ‘ We’ve had a lot of enquiries from American companies or companies with senior American staff. Bare Essentials have taken two systems because their CEO knows the product from the states. Avenue Capital Group were in a similar situation and so the brewers went in without any question of a trial’, she said.

We’re hoping to bring you updates from some of our Keurig® early-adopters in the next issue of ‘Vending For FM’s. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview: just a couple of the businesses that have been unpacking their brewers over the past few weeks…

  • A well-known NHS hospital took a brewer on trial and ordered a second one within a week of receiving the first.
  • A multi-national also took two machines.They use them in their meeting rooms and they’re impressed by how portable the systems are and how easily they can be moved from room to room.

*If you haven’t ordered your Keurig® System Free Trial, please click here to leave your details (just type ‘Keurig’ in the ‘message’ box, please).

Or if you prefer, give us a bell on 08454 133 033

Or e-mail us:


It’s Here! The Hot Chocolate K-Cup® Pack You’ve Been Waiting For!

When was the last time you had a ‘how on earth do they do that?’ moment?


Available NOW! so what are you waiting for?

Remember the widget that turned flattish beer into foaming ale? How about oven chips? The England football team in Brazil… (How on earth did they do that?)

Well, here’s your next HOEDTDT? moment, waiting to happen. To say that the reaction in the office when our first shipment arrived was ‘amazement’ might be pushing it a bit, but all you do is drop the Cafe Express Hot Chocolate K-Cup® pack into your Keurig® system, hit the flashing blue light and seconds later, you’re in chocolate heaven.

Mine’s a hot chocolate, please!

Mine’s a hot chocolate, please!

Don’t add milk, or sugar, just drink it as it comes fresh from your Keurig®.

I like mine brewed on the ‘small’ setting, – that’s it in the picture, I’m drinking it as I write… :-))

In retrospect, ‘amazement’ really was the reaction. It didn’t seem possible that so much milky chocolatey silkiness could be crammed into one tiny K-Cup® pack.

You really do have to try it to believe it.

Meanwhile, to put you in the mood, here’s some of our favourite chocolatey quotations!


‘Chocolate, men, coffee – some things are better rich.’ (Anon.)

Can’t argue with that now, can you?


‘There are four basic food groups, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.’ (Anon.)

This is nearly true; shame Mr Anon neglected to mention ‘cake’.


‘Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.’ (Michael Levine)

Keep this quote in your locker. You never know when it might come in handy.

Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. So, consume lots of chocolate!’ (Elaine Sherman)

I discovered this one too late – you may still have time.


‘…the taste of chocolate is a sensual pleasure in itself, existing in the same world as sex… For myself, I can enjoy the wicked pleasure of chocolate…entirely by myself. Furtiveness makes it better.’ (Dr. Ruth)

Ooh! Matron!


‘There isn’t always sex, but there is always chocolate.’ (Michael Lipsey)

Help us to help you: there will always be chocolate ONLY if you order it. And finally, a poke in the proverbial eye…


‘Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands — and then eat just one of the pieces.’ (Judith Viorst)


Don’t delay! Order chocolate today!




Keurig®: When Only The Best Will Do…

Case Study: Delegate Coffee Service, The Quebec Government Office in London, 59 Pall Mall


You could hardly imagine a more historic locale.

Pall Mall, London; across the road from our destination is St. James’s Palace. The palace – London’s oldest – was commissioned by Henry VIII on the site of a former leper hospital dedicated to St. James the Less, from which the palace and its nearby park take their names.

Oath of allegiance? Bob Norton, not tired, but flagging!

Oath of allegiance? Bob Norton, not tired, but flagging!

St. James’s Palace was constructed between 1531 and 1536. Two of Henry VIII’s children died here; Elizabeth I was said to have spent the night here while waiting for the Spanish Armada to sail up the channel. Charles I slept rather less soundly— here was his final resting place prior to his execution… Oliver Cromwell then took over the palace and turned it into barracks, before Charles II reclaimed the site and then laid out St James’s Park.

And yet, amidst this quintessentially British scene, a foreign flag flies. You may not recognise it: this is the flag of the predominantly French speaking Canadian province of Quebec and it flutters proudly above its London ‘embassy’.

As the second largest province of Canada by area, and its most populous, the question of independence for Quebec has been raised repeatedly. Indeed, Parti Québécois held referendums in 1980 and again in 1995. Each time, the electorate voted against independence, on the latter occasion by a very, very narrow margin. In 2006, the House of Commons Of Canada passed a symbolic motion recognising the Québécois as a nation within a united Canada.DSC_1833-300x198

Be that as it may: what’s for sure is that visiting businessmen from Quebec avail themselves of the embassy’s facilities to conduct meeting with British customers. Here’s where they come, quite literally, to fly the flag.

Our first encounter with the Quebec Embassy was as delegates at a training session hosted by the people from Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.. We got talking, as you do, with Isobel, whose job is to coordinate meetings, many of which accommodate up to 50 people. Even as we enjoyed a freshly-brewed coffee from a K-Cup® pack, Isobel told us that providing hot drinks for visitors was something of a problem.

Do you want sugar with your Earl Grey?

Do you want sugar with your Earl Grey?

One thing led to another and soon we’d agreed that we would provide a coffee service to the embassy whenever it was needed, be it for half a dozen people or for a full house. That’s why we’re back today. We’ll use Keurig® system and K-Cup® packs. We’ve brought all the required equipment with us, we’ll provide the service and then leave, taking all our brewing paraphernalia with us..

As that annoying TV meerkat would doubtless say: ‘Simples!’

Frankly, that’s the beauty of the Keurig® system. The K140 brewer – the machine currently available for a free workplace trial, incidentally – is lightweight, it doesn’t need to be plumbed in. It’s compact, it’s smart and most important of all, it brews beverages of the highest quality.

With Keurig®, a coffee service is a delight to deliver and, what’s more, it’s a great opportunity for us to encourage people to experience Keurig® ‘hands on’. However, for the Québécois themselves, it’s a poignant reminder of home, where Keurig® systems are virtually ubiquitous.

Needless to say, in an Embassy, the credentials of a nation are at stake, every time a visitor crosses the threshold. Poor quality refreshments aren’t an option; but with Keurig®, we’ve proved that providing the best beverage experience needn’t involve expensive machines, expensive expertise or even a dedicated space.

Fill it up, plug it in, away you go; hassle free, idiot proof, quality guaranteed. That’s the Keurig® system in a nutshell. Not for nothing do they say ‘real coffee, real choice, real easy’.

Don’t delay: sign up now, using our Contact page, for your ‘Free Trial’ and find out for yourself just what all the Keurig fuss is about. You’ll be pleased that you did…



A Big Cheer For Thea!


No sooner had Thea Cavanagh joined us as Sales Admin for Keurig® than she was ‘ thrown in at the deep end’ on our stand at Olympia.

Fortunately, since her arrival at Seymour Valentine, she’s been picking things up very quickly and fitting in really well. With Nic, Cevat and Bob already in place, we’re sure that Thea is the final piece in the jigsaw that creates ‘A Great Team.’

Hotelympia – ‘the deep end’.

Hotelympia – ‘the deep end’.

‘Thea approached us in rather a strange way’, Bob said. ‘On her own initiative, she sent an e-mail to ‘info@’, expressing an interest in becoming an apprentice. She was in the right age range for the apprenticeship scheme, but she had one weapon in her armoury that ruled her out – a university degree.’

Cevat looked at Thea’s CV nevertheless and said ‘we need to interview this girl.’ It turned out that Thea was a recent arrival from the north, whose boyfriend’s job move to Essex had forced her to put her own career on hold; until now…

‘Nic met her to conduct an interview and her evaluation was simple: she said ‘Thea’s the dream candidate for the role’’, Bob said. ‘How lucky were we there?!’

So, we gave a big cheer for Thea, (so to speak).

We’re already availing ourselves of Thea’s specialist skills by having her re-brand our presentations and write any copy we might need, as well as getting her out of the office to meet our customers and get a feel for the job we do.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing Thea a long, happy and fruitful career at Seymour Valentine.

(Big) cheers!