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A Big Cheer For Thea!


No sooner had Thea Cavanagh joined us as Sales Admin for Keurig® than she was ‘ thrown in at the deep end’ on our stand at Olympia.

Fortunately, since her arrival at Seymour Valentine, she’s been picking things up very quickly and fitting in really well. With Nic, Cevat and Bob already in place, we’re sure that Thea is the final piece in the jigsaw that creates ‘A Great Team.’

Hotelympia – ‘the deep end’.

Hotelympia – ‘the deep end’.

‘Thea approached us in rather a strange way’, Bob said. ‘On her own initiative, she sent an e-mail to ‘info@’, expressing an interest in becoming an apprentice. She was in the right age range for the apprenticeship scheme, but she had one weapon in her armoury that ruled her out – a university degree.’

Cevat looked at Thea’s CV nevertheless and said ‘we need to interview this girl.’ It turned out that Thea was a recent arrival from the north, whose boyfriend’s job move to Essex had forced her to put her own career on hold; until now…

‘Nic met her to conduct an interview and her evaluation was simple: she said ‘Thea’s the dream candidate for the role’’, Bob said. ‘How lucky were we there?!’

So, we gave a big cheer for Thea, (so to speak).

We’re already availing ourselves of Thea’s specialist skills by having her re-brand our presentations and write any copy we might need, as well as getting her out of the office to meet our customers and get a feel for the job we do.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing Thea a long, happy and fruitful career at Seymour Valentine.

(Big) cheers!

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