Seymour Valentine

Seymour Valentine To Host ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’ Symposium

“Seymour Valentine’s event of the year The Future of Coffee in the Capital, is in the news. Our thanks to Ian Reynolds-Young and Planet Vending

Seymour Valentine, the City of London’s leading supplier of vending and OCS services, is hosting a symposium, ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’. The aim is to ensure that both existing and potential customers are up to speed with the developments and opportunities in the sector.

‘We’ll be concentrating on the four themes of Recycling; Quality; Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility’, Seymour Valentine MD Cevat Riza told PV. ‘In the world of coffee, OCS and vending leads the way in the mission to eliminate waste. At ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’, we’ll make sure our customers understand that Seymour Valentine and our supply partners are constantly developing new strategies to rise to one of today’s most important challenges. Thanks to our association with Bio Bean and Simply Cups, they can be certain that their consumption of single-use products is not adding to the problem…

‘In terms of quality, we’re always telling our customers that the coffee drinking experience that Seymour Valentine brings to the heart of the office is as good as anything to be found outside in the high street’ Cevat said, ‘but ‘telling’ is no substitute for ‘sampling’. At ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’, visitors will have a unique opportunity to sample coffee from commercial bean to cup brands to artisan producers including our own artisan blends of Bermondsey Barista Beans from SE16.

‘Coffee at work used to mean a big metal box in the corner and believe it or not, there are people out there that believe it still is! Our job at ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’ is to demonstrate just how far things have moved on recently. Cevat said. ‘We’ll demonstrate the new ways of paying for coffee at work and the exciting possibilities incumbent in state-of-the-art HD screens. We think customers will be
excited by the potential of showing promotional messages and commercials right at the point of purchase…’

Last, but certainly not least on the agenda at ‘The Future of Coffee in the Capital’ is Corporate Social Responsibility. ‘Nobody working in the city of London can be in any doubt whatsoever that homelessness and rough sleeping is a massive issue’, Cevat said. Thanks to our association with Change Please, customers will see that they can become a part of the solution. As the Change Please founder, Cemal Ezel, says, ‘If we can just get a small proportion of coffee drinkers to simply change where they buy their coffee, we could really change the world.’

The Future of Coffee In The Capital takes place at Zebrano City, 18 – 20 Houndsditch, EC3A 7DB, on Tuesday 1st May 2018. There will be three presentations during the day: breakfast, lunch and tea. Admittance is free, but it is by invitation only.

If you are responsible for the provision of vending and OCS at your place of work, you can register for a your inclusion on the invitation list by contacting the event organisers by e-mail on